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Forniture Fotovoltaiche is a company active in the sector of business intermediation. Founded in 2005 by the Paolicelli in order to fill the existing gap in the business scene in the South Italy, it is an organization exclusively specialized in the intermediation regarding renewable energy.

The company’s main goal is to extend the enormous potential of clean energy in more and more efficient manners, valorizing the territory and giving European and international visibility to its partners, to direct competences and create synergies in order to obtain remarkable savings that the territory can benefit from.

A network of winning relationships

Over almost 15 years of experience. Forniture Fotovoltaiche srl has developed competitiveness and professionalism, always ahead of its time in its sector. Thanks to its collaborators and to a network of professionals who it has developed solid partnership with, it is able to develop and execute different projects supplying both single services and wholly structured works. The force of the group is organizational commissioning leading to winning synergies.

Thanks to a network of national and international partners and to a numerous commercial, high-profile relationships, Forniture Fotovoltaiche is able to support companies and private customers through all the stages of the execution of a photovoltaic system. Starting from the research for financing and investors to the material installations of modules, along with technical consultancy during the design stage and intermediation with the best European supplier in order to obtain high quality products and services and convenient prices.